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18th July 2014
100 copies - 4xCD boxed set
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100 hand numbered copies. 4 x CDs, over 4 hours of music. Hand made packaging, recycled card stock.
2 x silkscreened gatefold inner sleeves. 140g printed insert.
Hand stamped recycled outer box. Metallic silver print.

The second installment of the Seaes project, aka Chris Douglas (OST, Dalglish, Scald Rougish)
Seaes II is a retrospective collection of 56 previously unreleased tracks, spanning over a decade of recording.
Chris started making music in early 90s San Francisco, where he held ambient techno parties with Jonah Sharp (Spacetime Continuum). In 1992 he released his first 12” - 'Basilar' as O.S.T. after moving to Detroit. Several years later Douglas returned to San Francisco, all the while releasing groundbreaking work for Phthalo and Isolate labels and issuing the dance-hostile and fractured electronics of the 'Seimlste' 2 x LP on his own Qlipothic label. In 2001 he supported Autechre as O.S.T. for their 'Confield' tour, and was invited in 2003 by Ae to perform at their ATP 3.0 festival in Camber Sands UK. Ever since then Chris has been based in Berlin and now works under various names, releasing several albums as Scald Rougish on the UK/Japanese label ICASEA, ''Waetka'' as OST on iDEAL, ''Benacah Drann Deachd'' on highpoint lowlife, 'Niaw ot Vile' LP on Pan, the coruscating 'Dorcha Aigeann' 12" on Ge-Stell all as Dalglish, and the first instalment of the Seaes project, "Liesma" on cataclyst.

Audio by Chris Douglas
Design by Tom Knapp and Lee Snoding
Mastered by Tom Knapp

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